• 8-9 September 2018
  • Marina Bay Sands Expo

STGCC 2018 Comics Cover Art Voting

Jessica Emmett

Sometimes completely random circumstances throw us into the path of heroism, be that saving the world or small acts of everyday kindness. We just have to recognise when that moment is upon us. On a personal level, STGCC has been an important driving influence on my creative career so I’m heartened to be able to draw this cute dedication.

Chan Wei

I created this character and named her Lee, she’s 21 years old, loves cosplaying and her powers are to be able to wield the power of whatever or whoever she chooses to cosplay.

It’s also technically an excuse for me to put in some pop culture references I grew up with in this art piece, hope you guys have a fun time finding the references!

Peach Momoko

Looking at the key visual, I felt the main girl had a very fun, pop and mischievous look! And with the colour scheme, she looked like she came out of a toy box ready to be awesome. So I wanted that fun and young look with a very pop and vibrant pastel explosion of colours.

Ng Wei Yang

The idea behind this artwork is that for many people in their daily lives, coffee saves the day. People drink this beverage to stay awake, to work through the night, or just to relax and cool off in a cafe. In this sense, coffee is like our friendly neighbourhood hero, ready to jump in at any time to help us get through the day.

Sarah Moses

Went for a pastel theme for this cover as I felt the girl in the key art had a pop feel.

Sean Suchanya

I wasn`t too sure if I understood the criteria of the guidelines but here goes. This is essentially my take on the STGCC logo. Being a fan of the sci-fi and mecha genre and also being an indie game developer, I've decided to integrate all of these elements which I love together to interpret the iconic STGCC logo. The illustration is rendered traditional in oils and as homage to the covers of classic comics and games.


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