• 8-9 September 2018
  • Marina Bay Sands Expo


AJO is a Taiwanese cosplayer and illustrator. She has been cosplaying for a stunning record of 16 years and has won many awards from taking part in numerous cosplay competitions. Meanwhile, she is also invited as guest in local and overseas events as well.

For her love of cosplay, this dedicated cosplayer shed over 40 pounds and made headline when the news went viral. To AJO, cosplay has given her many precious life experiences and skills. For example, she started to learn and make her own large props when she first started to cosplay the popular online web game Kantai Collection. Through cosplay, she also gained many good friends and positive energy in life.

AJO is particularly fond of gaming titles, especially FF9, Kingdom Hearts, Idol Master, Kantai Collection and Granblue Fantasy.