• 8-9 September 2018
  • Marina Bay Sands Expo


D-YAMA opened Akihabara MOGRA when he is 21 years old in 2009. Combining the element of Akihabara and the clubbing scene, MOGRA soon grew to be an indispensable existence with D-YAMA as the key person. D-YAMA is also a well-known demonstrator and instructor for PioneerDJ.

Known for his heavy emphasis of “Freedom” and “Fun” in his DJ style, he toured both nationally and internationally with his buddy DJ WILDPARTY.

He organized the big scale event “Akinet – Akihabara Internet Music Festival” at Shinkiba ageHa and attracted over 2000 visitors. Through the gathering of many young artists and fans of MOGRA, Shinkiba ageHa witnessed an unprecedented success of any similar genre to date.

D-YAMA later went on to become the official DJ of Mami Kawada, the singer of the popular Animation “Shakugan no Shana” and “Jormungand”, and they performed Anisong in Anikura (Anisong Club) style performance live. “I’ve”, the music creator company behind Mami Kawada, will be assigning D-YAMA to work on their official remix album and MIXCD.

He has also brought the house down in Denpagumi.inc’s “World Wide Denpa Tour 2014 Final” and “Bakushin Arena Tour 2017 Final” with a crowd of over 10,000 fans in Budoukan.

Armed with his beloved Pioneer DJ’s “rekordbox” which he has been using since its release with the CDJ&DJM series sets, he is able to perform in his “genre-less” DJ style. He demonstrates for Pioneer DJ and conducts seminars for rekordbox nationwide in such a great scale that he is starting to worry about his position as the MOGRA’s shop manager…

 Twitter: @choroyama