• 8-9 September 2018
  • Marina Bay Sands Expo


Representative and Sound Producers ADSRecordings


Known in both commercial and non-commercial Dance Music scene, MK has built his career through producing high-quality music.

He released tracks under Armada Music, a top music label from the Netherlands, after winning the remix contest held by producer from USA [BT].

Other than rocking the dance music scene and providing music for rhythm game "Beatmania IIDX", MK has also provided songs to various J-POP artistes.


The other from the duo, nana, who was originally from the creator team "Sevencolors", started his stint as a club DJ in 2004 at many big clubs in Japan and performed with many famous artists. In 2010, he started to release CDs through VOCALOID as his medium. nana has also written songs for MOSAIC.WAV and remixed for game music.

Having known each other since the old days, MK and nana decided to set up ADSRecordings together in 2014 in pursuit of creating a new sound for the new emerging EDM scene in Japan. Along with the establishment of ADSRecording, they formed the creator unit "Polyphonix".

Following the Bounce, Progressive House, Future House and other popular music genres in the world, they introduced their own interpretation with their signature catchy heavy bass beats and vocal tracks. Polyphonix remixed for GRANRODEO, took part in EXIT TUNES compilation albums and collaborated with many vocalists and musicians recently, and is also a familiar act in the popular clubs like ageHa, ATOM TOKYO, and more.

Polyphonix is known for performing with guest vocalist, saxophonist, and their signature MC segment. They are frequently participants of LIVE events, such as those by nagomix, that are held in Zepp Tokyo and Shinjuku Blaze.

While their name originated from the word Polyphonic, which means various sound, they aim to unite their different music style into one under the name Polyphonix.

※nana will be representing Polyphonix in STGCC.