• 8-9 September 2018
  • Marina Bay Sands Expo

村田 蓮爾(RANGE MURATA/むらた れんじ)

Born in 1968, Range Murata started as a character designer for the fighting game Power Instinct (Atlus) series in 1993. From 1994, he started to gain public attention and fame after he was asked to provide the cover illustration for comic magazines from Wanimagazine and Shueisha. He resigned from the game company in 1996, began his career as a freelance illustrator and released his first artbook 『LIKE A BALANCE LIFE』 (Wanimagazine) within the same year. In 1999, under his supervision as an editor, Range Murata released a full colored comic magazine 『FLAT』(Wanimagazine) which won the 34th Japan Book Design Awards in the Comic category. In 2001, he initiated the art gallery, GoFa, that began the trend of physical art gallery for its kind and it led to his first gallery, the『fa RANGE MURATA collection 001』in 2003. As his portfolio as a product designer increased, he won the 38th Japan Book Design Awards with his second art book 『futurhythm』(Wanimagazine) subsequently the prestigious 37th Seiun Award in 2007.

Range Murata started gain popularity overseas as the full color comic『robot』 got translated into various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Korean. As both the editor and the covert art illustrator, Range Murata was invited to many conventions and art gallery worldwide as fans overseas started to know more about his works. In 2010, he released his first artbook based on his animation work 『PRISMTONE RANGE MURATA ANIME WORKS 1998-2006』(Wanimagazine). Aside from his busy work schedule, he also teaches at Kyoto Seika University in the character design course and is also actively participating as a doujin circle in Comiket as “PASTA'S ESTAB.”.

Known for his originality for character design and also his retro-look feature within his design, Range Murata reputation skyrocketed globally with his work as character designer for OVA “Blue Submarine No.6”, TV Anime “LASTEXILE”, TV Anime “LASTEXILE – Fam, The Silver Wing”, and TV Anime “Shangri-La” by GONZO. Recently, he has worked on the original character design for Anime ID-0 (SANZIGEN).

Some of his other works consist of the cover illustration for the children book “Tara Duncan” (KADOKAWA), and also illustrations for “Garaku.mag” (HomeSha) and “Kikan S” (fukkan.com CO.,LTD.). In February 2018, he released his fourth artbook,『futurelog - standard edition-』(Wanimagazine), and held his first celebratory art gallery at space caiman from March to May 2018. He held the same art gallery in Taipei d/art as well.

From illustrating innocent-looking female characters to cool male characters, the attention to details enabled him to bring the texture of his art to life. Range Murata continues to charm all fans around the world through his unique illustration style beyond everyone’s imagination.