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Media Partners

Campus Magazine is a student-oriented publication for tertiary students, and is distributed free across all of Singapore’s major universities, polytechnics, private & art schools, JCs and even student-friendly cafes. They cover an array of topics from international education to travelogues, and local happenings too. Basically, they highlight fun stuff and balance it with the serious stuff!

DiscoverSG is a lifestyle publication in Singapore dedicated to bringing you the latest on food, festivals and happenings in Singapore.

GwiGwi is a Pop Culture Digital Magazine that discusses anything ranging from anime, manga, music, films, TV shows, cosplay, gaming, hobbies and both local and international ongoing events. They proudly present it in Bahasa Indonesia, with their own unique and colourful style.

HYPE is a bi-annual entertainment and lifestyle magazine published since 1996. It is distributed at more than 30 numerous youth-oriented F&B and retail establishments in Singapore. Packed with stories on entertainment, lifestyle, food, fashion, travel, arts and profiles, HYPE reaches out to the current generation of youths in their various interests.

HYPE has interviewed many famous international artistes and also gained opportunities to collaborate with popular local icons like Ming Bridges, The Sam Willows and even English songstress, Imogen Heap.


Parents have easy access to a pool of parenting and children’s resources online and offline. A need to provide parents with a unique and comprehensive reading experience ―a magazine with information they can easily relate and refer to in times of need. This requires complete synergy of interesting editorial content and impeccable design. little is a family lifestyle magazine for parents with a simple objective―to enhance the quality of family life in 21st century. Focusing on specific themes to present the latest brands and topics in a fresh and engaging manner, little gives its audience an unforgettable reading experience.

Looking back at our journey from being a comics and graphic novels publisher to one of the largest and most prolific creators of creative content in Malaysia, we realise that we have been doing one thing consistently well.

We break boundaries. We like challenging the norms and we never look at the world as it is but what it could be.

And that is at the core of what we do. We pursue all endeavours that could change lives for the better. Lives that filled with inspiration, energy, joy and discovery.

This is The Creative Life. Our Version.


KotakGame (www.kotakgame.com) is Indonesian gaming online media portal with huge of gaming fans and the biggest gamer engagement. They cover all gaming & Esports news (Esports, Mobile, PC Online Game, Console, Arcade) from worldwide, especially in Indonesia. Beside cover gaming news, KotakGame also spread its wings to cover and make news about something interesting for gamers and something that have connection with their hobby, for example: movies, anime, cosplay, pop culture and its convention. They have also cooperated with their official partner to hold online events, for example, polling or survey, quiz, like and share, and many more


Founded since 2008 by Max Wong as just a platform to introduce his toys collection, Milkcananime has grown into a blog which covers anime reviews, figures, games, events and travel. With a team of 12 creative writers and a resident illustrator, Max continues to push new contents and creative illustrations for the improvement Japanese subculture.




Millennials of Singapore is an online platform that aims to be the voice of millennials through heartfelt stories and meaningful discussions.

The NUS Comics and Animation Society (CAS) comprises students from the National University of Singapore (NUS). 

They aim to provide a platform that spreads the joy of Japanese anime and manga. 

Through their wide variety of related activities or events, their members get to learn new skills and meet new friends. Such activities are usually held by the Art, Cosplay and Writing departments. 

For those just looking to relax and bond with other like-minded people with an interest in anime and games, they have their Casual sessions, which include assorted activities such as quizzes and mini-games for all to enjoy.


The National University of Singapore (NUS) Japanese Studies Society (JSS), founded in 1984, is a student-run organization established with the aim of bringing the community of Japanese enthusiasts in NUS together and providing opportunities for exposure to the Japanese culture and interaction with their Japanese counterparts. They envision to be a platform for students and external organizations to come to gather and collaborate on events all year round to raise awareness and appreciation of Japanese culture.


NTU Visual Arts Society - Animeworks is a non-profit student society that aims to promote animation as a visual medium and foster interest in it through its activities.





NYLON SINGAPORE is the Singapore edition of NYLON Magazine (www.nylonmag.com). The first edition of NYLON SINGAPORE was published in April 2012 by Indonesian publishing house, MPG Media, which also publishes NYLON Indonesia, World Of Watches Indonesia, Livingetc. Asia and August Man Indonesia magazines. NYLON Magazine was founded in 1999 by Marvin Scott Jarrett, Jaclynn B. Jarrett, Helena Christensen and Mark Blackwell, and is an American publication that focuses on pop culture and fashion. Coverage includes beauty, music, design, celebrities, technology and travel.



Otakultura! (OTK!) is an independent geek and hobbyist website, established by a group of passionate friends from the Philippines. OTK! delivers the latest news, reviews and unbiased opinions on a ton of genres from Japanese and Western pop culture: anime, games, comics and other that could possibly be crammed into one place! With nearly a decade of experience, they provide media coverage for a wide range of pop culture conventions/events locally and internationally. Their social media channels also host fun livestreams of their multiplayer games, podcasts, and live feeds of their media coverage. Drop by and Be Otakultured!



It's the online convention of popular culture. POPCulture Online provides you with the latest reviews on Movies, Music and Games. They even get up close with international artistes and fill you in on the latest happenings and all things popular culture. Available at www.popcultureonline.net



Red Dot Diva is a Singapore-based blogger who has her glittery, super-enhanced eyes and ears tuned to the arena of international entertainment, lifestyle, pop-culture and geeky news. She aims to bring her readers the juicy scoop and special interviews with people of interest – all with that pinch of spicy local flavour.



TheLocalBytes prides itself as an avid storyteller which develops interesting and aspirational millennial contents.

As a platform that generates lifestyle trends based on data analysis and creative research, TheLocalBytes encompasses the hybrid by product of our current media technology.

TheLocalBytes strives to offer audiences an informative experience with each editorial posts and videos through compelling contents that resonates well with the target market.



The Playbook is a content hub for the daily updates for sneaker heads, gamers and anyone urban.

Founded in 2002, The UrbanWire is a youth-centric e-zine produced by young adults for young adults.

Their multimedia editorial team is made up of students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies.

They work to keep our community of readers current and connected. From buzzworthy events and personalities to the latest trends and fads to issues concerning higher education, employment and relationships, they cover stories that are engaging and exciting to their readers.



As a service, created by parents for parents, TickiKids Singapore sees its aim in making the process of searching for the best kids events in Singapore as quick and easy as possible, as well as in facilitating the process of booking and purchasing tickets for kids events. With its convenient interface and weekly go-to guide, TickiKids Singapore helps parents navigate the sea of educational and fun happenings, making the golden time they spend with their children really shine!

Subscribe to TickiKids’ Weekend Guide at https://tickikids.com/sg and find out what’s on for kids in Singapore!



Vulcan Post is a leading publication in Singapore with a strong focus on tech, startups, and the untold stories of entrepreneurs.